PURITO All Care Recovery Cica-Aid hüdrokolloidne plaaster

SKU: PU0330


Gently apply the product by dabbing it on your blemishes. Asiaticoside, Madecassic Acid, and Asiatic Acid have great anti-redness, soothing effect to calm and treat the inflammation quickly and effectively. It is made of a high-grade hydrocolloid that absorbs fluid from the wound and creates a moist environment to help fast acne wounds recover.
Natural cover
To increase adherence, the edge of the patch is made thinner than the center.
Excellent adherence and semi-clear fabric provide a natural look.
Simple and hygienic
The cutline within the patch provides easy removal from the film.
The patch can be attached in a sanitary way without worrying about secondary contamination or wrinkling caused by nails
Sticky patch
Waterproof is fundamental! This closely adhering patch does not fall off easily from the skin, even when cleansing the face or exercising.
Fast Scar Care with Breathable Patch
It holds onto oxygen and moisture to prevent the wound from drying out, helping in the process recovery.

Hydrocolloid, Asiaticoside, Madecassic Acid, Asiatic Acid


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