Missha Artistool Lip Brush #601 huulepintsel

SKU: MS7477


Makeup brush to help provide a higher grade of precision in whoever holds it. The shape and material of the brush are customized for each makeup step. They provide the same effect as professional makeup. The ultra-fine hair of the brush to help express intricate makeup as it softly touches the skin without causing any irritation. Lip brush to help express neat lip line and apply the color with outstanding adherence. Elastic synthetic hair brush to help apply lip color softly with outstanding adherence.
-Straight & flat lip brush to help express neat lip line without brush mark!
-Small & slim size with cap to help put in your pouch!
BRUSH : Synthetic hair
HANDLE & CAP : Aluminium

1. Open the cap by pulling
2. Lip brush comes out after cap is inserted at the back
3. Apply an appropriate amount of lip color on the lip brush
4. Fill the lip color softly on the lips following lip line


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