Missha Artistool Concealer Brush #106 konsiileri pintsel

SKU: MS5581


The makeup brush to help instill a higher grade of precision in whoever holds it. The shape and material of the brush are customized for each makeup step. The ultra-fine hair of the brush expresses intricate makeup as it softly touches the skin without causing any irritation. The soft and elastic hair of the brush thinly and closely applies concealer to the skin without producing any boundaries. The triangluar tip of the brush can intricately cover local blemishes! Included a brush pouch, it keeps the brush clean.
BRUSH: synthetic hair
HANDLE: wood
PIPE: aluminum

Step 1 Take an appropriate amount of concealer all over the brush and place it flat on skin and thinly apply.
Step 2 To express a clean impression, thinly apply on the skin under the eyes, the skin around the nostrils, and on the lipline. Step 3 Take a small amount of concealer on the tip of the brush and place it stand on skin and pat lightly.


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