Missha Artistool Blending Brush #204 hajutuspintsel

SKU: MS7361


The makeup brush to help instill a higher grade of precision in whoever holds it The shape and material of the brush are customized for each makeup step. They help provide the same effect as professional makeup. The makeup brush to help provide a pleasant feel The ultra-fine hair of the brush expresses intricate makeup as it softly touches the skin without causing any irritation. Multi brush can blend makeup naturally or apply shade to the nose bridge The small size brush can apply makeup on small areas in meticulous detail. Including a brush pouch, it keeps the brush clean. The soft and elastic wool brush can blend makeup naturally without clumping.
BRUSH: wool
HANDLE: wood
PIPE: aluminum

Take some shader with the brush and gently shake off to ensure an appropriate amount. Apply around the nose bridge for shading effect. Blend shadow and cheek makeup or clear dust on the face away.


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