A'pieu Steam Eye Mask (5 pcs)

SKU: O2387


5 pcs
→ The warm steam gives the effect of a hot massage on your eyes for effective stress relief!
→ Soft cotton sheet!
Gently rests on top of your eyes to make you feel comfortable, letting you slip into a deep sleep!
→ Be economical with 5 sheets
One pack contains 5 sheets to help relieve eye fatigue on a regular basis!

Open the pouch and take out Steam Eye Mask.
It becomes warm right out of the pouch so please use it right away.
Rip along the dotted line that attaches the ear hooks.
Loop the ear hooks around your ears with the white side facing your eyes and the slit facing towards your nose.
Enjoy a relaxing break while feeling the warmth on your eyes for about 20 minutes.
Then you’re done!
Revitalizing deep sleep with the ‘Steam Eye Mask’, warm steam on your eyes!


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